Safe Concussion Recovery for Kids

Hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents experience concussions each year. While most recover within three weeks, some do not. Read more

Pediatric Dental Myths, Debunked

Tooth decay is the number one chronic infectious disease affecting children in the U.S., according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). It is a preventable disease that begins at home. If parents are lax about their child’s teeth, children may grow up thinking it is less of a priority. There are many misnomers when it comes to pediatric dental care. In this week’s blog, we debunk some of the more common. Read more

Five Tips For Helping Your Family Recover from the Flu

Getting sick is no fun. Especially when it is the flu. Especially when it is this year’s flu. The media is full of stories about flu outbreaks across the country. If you are as concerned as much of the nation about the flu, finding out how to recover quickly or help prevent it is welcome information.

If you suspect you or someone in your home has the flu, it is time to take action. Not only for the person sick, but also preventative measures to keep the rest of the people at home healthy. Read more

Ear Infections: What Parents Need to Know

Runny noses, coughs, and sneezes are all too familiar this time of year. Then your child starts tugging their ear and crying. Their cues tell you they may have an ear infection. You call the pediatrician and ask if your child should come in for antibiotics. Their answer may surprise you. Here’s why. Read more

Suspect ADHD? It May Be a Sleep Disorder

Sleep is an essential component of our body’s performance. It is food for the brain. Not only is it necessary for maintaining optimal overall health, but it also serves as a reset for our brains, which is essential to all humans, especially our small ones. In growing children, it is especially important. Nearly 79 percent of children under the age of ten experience some type of sleep disorder. Read more

Transforming the Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is a growing problem in the US. With the average lifespan dropping once again, we must do everything we can to ensure a healthy body and mind in our growing children. As this year ends and a new begins, we consider what we can do differently or better. The most common resolution is to lose weight, but what if you are a kid? How do you safely diet as a child of today? Find out in this week’s blog. Read more

Eye Exams: Not Just for Kids with Bad Vision

It is hard to imagine that the perfect little person you created can have anything wrong with them. To ensure their optimal health you take them to all of their well-child examinations with the pediatrician. You also take them to the dentist every six months for a cleaning and examination. You even start taking them to the dermatologist annually for skin cancer checks. But you don’t take them to the doctor for an eye exam because they have 20/20 vision. Read more

Ten Superfood Options for Super Kids

You’ve heard the adage, “you are what you eat.” While eating that candy bar or bag of chips sounds good when you are hungry, the way the food makes you feel afterward is an important consideration. It is harder to change habits as we age – but it is possible. Your toddler’s brain is growing at a super fast rate. Give them foods that will help boost brain and body development. Read more

Four Tips for Transforming Kids into Healthy Eaters

Let’s face it; most humans, even the little ones, love sweet and savory foods. It is our job as parents to teach children the benefits of eating nutritious foods from a young age and before their sweet minds are shown the “dark side” from their friends at school. Yes, brainwash those little sweeties into becoming healthy eaters when you have the chance – the younger, the better. Read more

Temperature 101: How to Accurately Check Your Child’s Temperature

Evan has a fever. You can tell just by looking at him. But you wonder why his temperature varies so much depending on what type of thermometer you use. Which one is accurate? Surely the highest? When your child is sick, the last thing you want to do is rely on a method that gives unreliable readings. Or worse, incorrectly check his temperature.   Read more


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