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Understanding the Lasting Impact of Bullying and Putting an End to It It’s bullying prevention month, so let’s talk about it. Bullying doesn’t always appear as it does in the movies. There isn’t always an aggressor beating up a kid on the playground. Today’s bullies can hide behind a screen and torment their victims.  The […]


Sara’s parents were happy that she was doing so well in her new school. Each day Sara came home and told them about the new friends she made and that she was happy. Then Sara stopped talking about school. She stopped talking about her friends. She stopped sharing news about her day. Concerned, her parents […]


One of the biggest fears a parent has is the mistreatment of their child. Bullying has garnered a lot of attention recently in an effort to curb its’ rate of occurrence. But what really is bullying and what role does your child play in it? Bullying by definition is an occurrence of unwanted and aggressive […]