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Summer is in full swing with warm weather and sunshine that beckons us to go outside and play. Even the most diligent sunscreen-applying parents will face treating a sunburn at some point or another. It can be downright frustrating, painful, and disheartening to discover a sunburn along the bathing suit lines or in that little […]


Revered by many as a sign of health, a tan complexion can actually be deadly. For hundreds of years – in fact, up until the mid 20th century, fair skin was preferred. This change in preference is one of the leading causes for skin cancer rates drastically growing each year. Yet, sun-seekers aren’t the only […]


We all know that sunburns are serious. But did you know that your risk for developing melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, doubles if you have had more than five sunburns. Now consider your child and their perfect, unblemished skin. No matter if they have a fair or dark complexion, they are not […]