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The COVID-19 Updated Booster is Now Available for Kids 5+

The CDC recently announced that it authorized an improved COVID-19 booster by Pfizer for use in individuals ages 5 and up. Here’s what you need to know. 

How is the updated COVID-19 Booster Different?

The primary vaccine authorized for children is monovalent, containing only the original COVID-19 vaccine. The updated booster is bivalent, which means it has two components, the original COVID-19 vaccine AND the dominant Omicron versions being circulated. The purpose of the booster is to restore protection that has diminished since the primary vaccine was received and provide protection against the Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5). 

Do I have a choice of what booster manufacturer my child receives?

The CDC has authorized only the Pfizer booster for children ages 5 and older at the time of this writing. The CDC has recommended the updated Pfizer booster regardless of whether the primary vaccine was Pfizer or Moderna. In other words, you can mix and match the booster.

When should my child receive their COVID-19 booster?

Children ages 5 and up can receive the updated COVID-19 booster as long as they received their primary vaccine series at least two months ago. The CDC recommends receiving the vaccine soon to provide needed protection as we enter flu season. 

What if my child already received their booster or had COVID?

It is recommended that the updated booster be given even if your child has already had COVID-19 or received the primary series and booster within the past year. The vaccine provides additional protection against the highly contagious Omicron variants. The more people who have high immunity, the less likely other variants will emerge in the future. Please talk with your pediatric provider to see when they recommend receiving the updated booster.

What about my child who is under 5 years of age?

The CDC has not yet authorized the updated booster for children under 5. We will provide updates as they are available on our social media pages and through email. 

Can my child receive the updated COVID-19 booster on the same day as their flu vaccine?

Most Rainbow Pediatrics providers may recommend against receiving other vaccines, including the flu vaccine, at the same time as the COVID vaccine. 

How do I schedule my child’s COVID-19 booster appointment?

Please call the Rainbow Pediatrics location where your child(ren) is typically seen to schedule their booster appointment.