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Pediatric Eye Exams: More than Meets the Eye

Just as in oncology, psychology, and other medical disciplines, children require their own set of specialists to diagnose concerns. For children’s eye concerns, a pediatric ophthalmologist is often your best solution. The AAP recommends pediatric eye exams or vision screenings for children before they begin school. Vision screenings will help combat early onset of eye diseases in children. While an adult can easily describe a vision concern to an eye doctor, a child needs help deciphering a potential eye problem.

A pediatrician can identify a potential eye concern discovered during a physical exam, but it is only an eye care provider that can give a thorough explanation and diagnosis. At Rainbow Pediatrics, we use the Spot Vision Test, which comes with a variety of clinical benefits over the traditional Snellen chart used in many pediatric offices. If any vision problems are detected, we refer the child to a pediatric eye care specialist for a comprehensive eye examination.

Dr. Evelyn Paysse, a pediatric ophthalmologist with Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, identifies for parents the difference between a comprehensive eye exam and a vision screening. Regular vision screenings normally occur during check-ups or at schools by the school nurse. It’s a relatively short screening that helps indicate if any potential vision problems may be present.

A comprehensive eye examination will determine the exact medical or vision problem a child may have. Appropriate medical or vision care can then be started. A comprehensive eye examination takes about 60-90 minutes to complete and is performed by an ophthalmologist (a medical and surgical eye doctor) or an optometrist (a doctor of optometry).

Understanding the importance of early vision screenings can make a big impact on the health of a child. The Spot Vision Test is provided to each patient as part of a well-child examination. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s vision, please give us a call at (910) 486-5437.