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Strong Kid’s Pediatric Nutrition Clinic

strong kids nutrition clinic in Fayetteville nc

Pediatric Nutrition Clinic Near Fayetteville, NC

Strong Kid’s Clinic – Make Food Your Strength, Not Your Weakness

The goal of every parent is to raise their child into a healthy and balanced adult. Nutrition is critical at every age and stage of life but is especially significant for growing children. Eating a variety of nutritionally dense foods supports the body so children can develop normally and fight off illness and disease. Pediatric nutrition is also critical for proper brain development, an improved mood, and an overall outlook on life. 

Research has shown that a well-fed and nutritionally balanced child can better focus. At the same time, manage emotions and stress at school, and adapt to the challenges that naturally occur during this tenuous stage of life. 

Rainbow Pediatrics started the Strong Kids Nutrition Clinic in the spring of 2022 to help families raise nutritionally balanced children. Certified in Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM), Dr. Sanniya Nanda leads the program every Tuesday afternoon in the Hope Mills location at Rainbow Pediatrics.


What is the Strong Kids Clinic?

The Strong Kids Clinic is a nutrition clinic dedicated to children and teens who want to address nutrition concerns to create a healthier lifestyle. It is open to existing Rainbow Pediatrics patients of record. 


Who is an Ideal Patient of the Strong Kids Clinic?

The Strong Kids Pediatric Nutrition Clinic is ideal for any child with the following conditions or for any parent or caregiver with concerns about their child developing the following conditions:

  • Early Onset Obesity (under two years old)
  • Prediabetes
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • High Cholesterol
  • Irregular periods (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Obesity-related genetic conditions
  • Obesity secondary to medications (Steroids, Antipsychotics, Antiepileptics)
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Binge eating disorders
  • Poor self-esteem and peer bullying
  • Picky eaters
  • Autism-related eating disorders
  • Failure to thrive or slow weight gain
  • Stress eating
  • Night Eating Syndrome

The Strong Kid’s Pediatric Nutrition Clinic is also available as a resource for any Rainbow Pediatric parent who wants to incorporate a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. Most insurance will cover the cost of the Strong Kid’s Clinic appointment.


Why Should I Consider Making an Appointment at The Strong Kid’s Clinic for My Child?

A growing concern in the U.S., and particularly in North Carolina, is obesity. The current data ranks North Carolina 33rd in the country for overall prevalence, with 33.5% of children obese or overweight. But obesity isn’t the only challenge our pediatric population is facing. Many NC children struggle with slow weight gain, stress eating, night eating, and picky eating. We also have many children with prediabetes, high cholesterol, irregular periods, anxiety, and depression. All of these issues, and more, can be addressed at the Strong Kids Clinic. 

Healthy eating begins at home, and parents are the teachers of a very important lesson children must learn – how to enjoy a nutritionally balanced diet. Many North Carolina families struggle with busy lives and quick, on-the-go meals. This typically results in children (and adults) consuming diets that lack the nutrition critical for healthy development. Consider Dr. Nanda your partner and resource for transforming health in your household. 


What Can I Expect from the Strong Kid’s Clinic?

A typical Strong Kid’s Clinic appointment involves health checks, including blood pressure and weight monitoring. From a foundational level, Dr. Nanda provides education on Body Mass Index (BMI) and educates children on where they currently fall. She also works with her patients and their families on ways to empower confidence in meal planning, food purchasing, and meal preparation. 

Children control what they are willing to eat. Therefore, children aged ten and up are interviewed by Dr. Nanda directly. She teaches children how to make the best food choices based on their body type, health history, and nutritional needs. During the initial appointment, she will ask questions to help identify the root cause of the issue. For example, some patients overeat due to depression or anxiety. Addressing depression or anxiety will often fix the nutrition concerns the child is facing. 

Most appointments occur once a month but can vary depending on the patient and their individual needs. Strong Kid’s Clinic appointments are available every Tuesday afternoon. Televisit appointments are also available on Tuesday afternoons if that is more convenient for the family. 

If weight loss medications are recommended, Dr. Nanda will prescribe them. Dr. Nanda can also make psychological counseling recommendations if needed. 

We are a judgment-free zone and a partner and advocate for you and your child. We all have our ups and downs. Dr. Nanda wants her patients to feel comfortable being completely honest and transparent about their struggles regarding what they eat – even if a chocolate muffin was eaten just before the appointment.


How Do I Make a Strong Kid’s Pediatric Nutrition Clinic Appointment?

The Strong Kid’s Pedicatric Nutrition Clinic is open to all Rainbow Pediatrics patients of record. To make an appointment with Dr. Nanda, contact her Nutrition Coordinator, Rebecca, who can be reached at (910) 426-5430 extension 210. 

Strong Kids Clinic Resources

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