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Allergy Testing

Rainbow Pediatrics now offers a kid-friendly allergy solution called sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) through AllergyEasy. Immunotherapy is the only treatment proven to alter the underlying allergic disease instead of just its symptoms. With oral drops, the serum is placed under the tongue where it gradually absorbs into the bloodstream. They have a higher safety profile than allergy shots and can be taken from the comfort of home.

How Do I Get Started with Allergy Treatment for My Child?

The first step is allergy testing. During this process, your child’s pediatrician will test them for a variety of allergens. If they are found to have allergies, a prescription is provided for filling at the pharmacy.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for allergy testing, please call our office today for an appointment at 910-486-5437

Click here for an informative brochure from Allergy Easy on this subject.