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Allergy or Cold? Relief for Seasonal Allergies

The longer, warmer days of spring have a way of drawing even the most screen-focused children to the out of doors. Yet, when the seemingly fresh air regularly leads to itchy eyes, runny noses, and sneezing, it can feel like game over for some kids.

Sadly, while the budding trees and blooming flowers do add to the beauty of the season, the pollen these plants release in the spring can make this time of year insufferable for those with allergies. And, our children aren’t immune to these reactions.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, allergic conditions are the most common health issue facing children in the U.S. They point out that back in 2015, 8.4 percent of kids were diagnosed with hay fever, which is a slightly higher percentage than adults.

And, the effects these seasonal allergies have on children don’t stop with the symptoms. As any parent knows, seasonal allergies can affect kids’ sleep, their moods, and their eagerness to go outside to play. It can also affect a child’s ability to concentrate and learn in school.

In addition, during a time when people are hyper-sensitive about contracting and spreading illnesses, allergies can cause some anxiety within families who have spent months protecting themselves from COVID-19.

Fortunately, our team here at Rainbow Pediatrics of Fayetteville are seasoned experts at identifying the sources of suffering. Once identified, we can provide treatment options, like sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), to effectively treat your child’s seasonal allergies.

Allergies or a Cold?

Most parents can quickly identify the signs their child may be suffering from the effects of an allergy: the wet and runny nose, the itchy eyes, the nasally voice, and the difficulty sleeping.

Of course, these symptoms can also indicate your child may have picked up a virus, such as a cold. And, in an era of quarantines and lockdowns, when even the slightest symptom can cause families varying levels of anxiety, how do you know the difference?

Here are some of the main signs your child is likely suffering from seasonal allergies:

  • The Seasons are Changing: Those who suffer from seasonal allergies tend to show symptoms around the same time each year and under a similar set of conditions. So, if that blooming dogwood tree in your backyard caused an allergic reaction in your child last spring, it’s likely the culprit this year, too.
  • The Symptoms Were Sudden: One minute, little Billy was fine, but then the next minute, he was uncontrollably sneezing with puffy, red eyes? It’s likely he’s dealing with allergies. Cold symptoms, by contrast, typically come on gradually.
  • Does Your Child Have a Fever?: If fever is one of the symptoms, you can be relatively certain you’re not dealing with allergies. That said, not all colds will present themselves with fevers, so consider this with all other symptoms.
  • It’s a Clear Runny Nose: When one’s suffering from allergies, their runny nose will typically discharge a clear fluid. In contrast, noses will most often produce a thicker, yellow, or green discharge when you’re dealing with a cold.

Allergy Tests & Treatments

If indeed your child is an allergy sufferer, and it’s interfering with his or her comfort, happiness, and quality of life, our team at Rainbow Pediatrics is always eager to tell parents that effective treatments exist – even for kids. One way to find out the source of a child’s discomfort is through an allergy test.

Rainbow Pediatrics can identify a variety of allergens through a simple test called a skin prick or scratch test. This simply involves exposing the outer layer of your child’s skin to small amounts of various allergens, then evaluating how the skin reacts.

Once we’ve identified which specific allergens are causing your child’s discomfort, we can begin allergy treatments. At Rainbow Pediatrics, one option we use is the sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), known on the market as AllergyEasy.

Essentially “allergy drops,” this oral treatment is simply administered in liquid form under the tongue, where it gradually absorbs into the bloodstream. No multiple doctor’s appointments, no shots…just gradual, at-home allergy relief.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child to get an allergy test, or to discuss how SLIT, or AllergyEasy, may relieve your child’s allergies, call our office today at 910-486-5437.