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Six Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

This is the season for sticky fingers, chocolate-smeared faces, and candy-infused delirium. It’s Halloween – the sweetest time of the year for kids…and, if we’re being truthful, adults, too. We know you are sneaking candy, and it’s okay. 

But in all seriousness, Halloween can be a dangerous time – and not just because of the spooky costumes and candy-crazed kids banging on your door. We figured it was the perfect time to share some Halloween safety tips inspired by an American Academy of Pediatrics article. 

  1. Be street smart. Kids 4-8 are ten times more likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween. Kids are scurrying from house to house, and drivers drive through neighborhoods simultaneously. If someone is not paying attention, an accident will happen. Talk to your kids about distracted walking and crossing the street safely at established crosswalks. Ensure your child knows not to cross the street between parked cars or out of driveways or alleys. 
  2. Accompany small children. Autumn means the days are growing shorter, and it will likely be dark at some point during trick or treating. Research shows that between the hours of 6-9 pm are the riskiest for child pedestrians. Stay with your child to ensure their safety. 
  3. Ensure older children trick-or-treating alone know the rules of safety. These are your rules, so ensure they adhere to them. We recommend talking with your child about their route and agreeing on when they should return home. We also recommend that older children travel in groups and create a buddy system to keep one another safe. Make sure they know how to call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency or if they get lost.
  4. Light them up. Halloween is the perfect time to splurge on some glow sticks. Kids love them, and they are excellent for helping drivers see kids when they are out. Be sure to also carry a flashlight for when the sun sets. 
  5. Avoid dark streets and always walk on the sidewalk. Once the sun sets, staying on well-lit streets and walking on sidewalks is essential. Avoid trick-or-treating in dark neighborhoods without street lights and sidewalks. Teach kids how to identify homes that are trick-or-treating friendly. Porch lights are the giveaway. 
  6. Respect Stranger danger. Teach kids they should never enter the home or car for candy.  If you notice any suspicious activity, report it to the police immediately.

Your family’s safety is our top priority. If you have questions about Halloween safety or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact our pediatric team