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Shot-free Allergy Treatment Exclusively Available at Rainbow Pediatrics

When allergies strike, everyone suffers. Especially when they occur in young children. From missed work days to missed school days, allergies can wreak havoc, often for life.

The most common symptoms of allergies in kids include chronic coughs, colds, red, watery, or itchy eyes, asthma, recurrent ear infections, eczema, chronic sinus infections, runny or congested nose, headache, feelings of restlessness, irritability, cramps and intestinal discomfort, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and hives. Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is the most common illness caused by allergies, but some allergies can be life-threatening and downright scary.

Historically, the only treatments available to children were over the counter or prescription medications and allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy or SCIT). Pharmaceuticals only treat the symptoms but never address the underlying cause of the allergy. Allergy shots, while effective, can be painful, especially for children, and quite expensive. Allergy shots are also not recommended for children under seven years of age.

What is SLIT?

A cutting-edge treatment, sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), is transforming allergy treatment in both children and adults. Also called allergy drops, SLIT is a safer alternative to allergy shots. Allergy drops are comprised of a serum containing the natural extracts of common allergens. The drops are placed under the tongue, where it is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream. As the body is continually exposed to the serum, it may become desensitized to allergens.

SLIT is considered an appropriate treatment for children under age five, which is excellent news for parents. Studies show that younger children have a higher likelihood of developing an immunity to peanut allergens when immunotherapy is started early.

What Does SLIT Treat?

SLIT is available for outdoor environmental allergens, such as trees and grasses. It is also effective in treating food allergies and pet allergies. Full treatment typically lasts 3-4 years. However, allergy relief can be noted in months!

How Do I Get Started with Allergy Treatment for My Child?

The first step is allergy testing. During this process, your child’s pediatrician will test them for a variety of allergens. If they are found to have allergies, a prescription is provided for filling at the pharmacy. AllergyEasy, the SLIT treatment offered exclusively through Rainbow Pediatrics. Insurance covers allergy testing.

At Rainbow Pediatrics, we are committed to providing patients the most direct route towards their best health. That is why we are pleased to now offer AllergyEasy sublingual immunotherapy. If you would like to schedule an appointment for allergy testing, please call our office today for an appointment at 910-486-5437. Complete our allergy questionnaire by downloading the form here